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Virtual Gallery Tour

Mike and I always wanted our bakery cafe to be a gathering place for our community. One of our earliest collaborations has been with the Center for the Arts of the Lake Sunapee region. We became a New London micro-gallery (along with The New London Inn, Bar Harbor Bank, Whipple Hall and the Tatewell Gallery). Every three months, we welcomed a new local visual artist to exhibit his or her artwork on the walls of the Blue Loon. Our customers have been able to enjoy their coffee and croissant while surrounded by stunning oils, watercolors, landscapes and portraits by some of the best artists in the region.

When we closed the inside area of the bakery to customers in mid-March, one thing the community lost was the ability to enjoy these art works in person. Alan Shulman, our current exhibiting artist, graciously permitted us to leave his artwork on the walls of the bakery, and even created a "virtual gallery tour" for us to share online. All the works of art shown are available for sale, and Alan is donating 50 percent of profits to the Kearsarge Lake Sunapee Food Bank, which has committed to battling food insecurity in our community.

Please take a moment to click on the video below to view Alan's virtual gallery tour. If you're interested learning more about the Center for the Arts or would like to purchase one of Alan's paintings, visit the Center for the Arts microgalleries website.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Mar 23, 2023

This design reminds me of one PC game from the company - Argentics. This is really good art that you want to look at and look at.

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