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The Most Popular Techniques for Emphasizing the Theoretical and Practical Significance of the Study

There are no original techniques for reflecting this structural element of the introduction. It is important that the text is written in a scientific style, without errors and other errors.

Practical significance should prove the suitability of the results obtained in the industry, the correctness of the hypothesis put forward and the appropriateness of its use. This fragment is intended to emphasize the need for new measures to solve the problem, to prove the effectiveness of the author's proposals. The author should show all possible ways to use the results of the dissertation: how and when they can be used in real life, what conditions should be created, forecasts (what they will lead to), etc.

The scientific significance of labor is manifested, first of all, in the imperfection of current theories and laws, the need to optimize them to solve an urgent problem. The theoretical importance of the study will make it possible to eliminate existing gaps and make a scientific breakthrough.

It is important to note that the scientific and practical significance is emphasized by the fact that no one has previously proposed such a solution mechanism (an action algorithm, a selection of tools and techniques, etc.).

Scientific and practical significance in the introduction and conclusion: similarities and differences

In the introduction, the author reflects the intended result, that is, what he is striving for and how he believes (his assumptions, thoughts). In fact, the practical and scientific significance of the project is still doubtful. Here he puts forward his "own vision" of the situation, which then, throughout the dissertation, will be revealed.

Reflection of the significance of the study

In conclusion, the researcher will have to show the results obtained, thereby noting the role and significance, novelty, etc. Moreover, it is advisable to compare the provisions put forward in the introduction and the results obtained, thereby noting the proof or refutation of the hypothesis put forward. It is advisable to mark this subparagraph at the end of the introduction or conclusion, leading the reader to a certain conclusion: the results obtained will help solve a specific problem, improve user capabilities, etc.

When reflecting theoretical or practical significance, can use the generally accepted clichés:

  • Results…

  • The study of (topic) allowed ...

  • This fact allows us to predict...

  • Scientific or practical significance is manifested in ...

  • Etc.

You can decorate this element with a small selection. In the introduction or conclusion, you can sort the material “on the shelves”, giving a name to each component.

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